No matter how big or small our kitchen is, creating a design that is sophisticated, smart, and
functional is not that easy. Kitchen countertops play a big role in this part of our house. Its main
use is for food preparation but some use it as a table for quick snacks and maybe catching up
over a cup of coffee. Think about the color, the style, and the material to make your kitchen as
comfortable and as convenient as you want it to be.
May it be glass top, marble and iron, brass, wood or granite, you can go from relaxed to formal
with these kitchen countertop designs. Here are some of the materials that can be used for
kitchen countertops, you’ll be surprised that there’s a lot!

  1. Ceramic Tile – It is made from clay. It can be customized to fit certain sizes and shapes, is
    also stain and heat resistant and once damaged, tiles can be replaced. Downside is, the
    surface is uneven and grout from food particles can be hard to clean and if it is scrubbed too
    much, it can ruin the gloss finish.
  2. Granite slab – It is a natural product with classic appeal. Unlike ceramic tiles, granite is not
    that susceptible to scratches. It is very durable and unique for there are no two similar
  3. Marble – A classic white marble is still the top choice. Just like granite slab, each marble slab
    is quite different from the others making each slab a unique one. The disadvantage is it can
    be easily stained and is relatively soft so it can be simply scratched by utensils.
  4. Soapstone – You might consider this if the dark beauty of granite and the light veining of
    marble appeals to you. Soapstone is durable and is low-maintenance for it doesn’t stain and
    doesn’t need to be sealed. It is also heat resistant.
  5. Quartz – It is one of the hardest minerals on earth. Its advantage is it doesn’t need to be
    sealed. There are different colors and styles to choose from. But the catch is, it is extremely
    heavy and quite expensive.
    There are still a lot more materials that you’ll be surprised actually exist. Bottom line is stick
    with what you’re trying to achieve and reward yourself and your family in having a new
    kitchen countertop installed. Memories and great bonding moments are made in the
    kitchen as well.