The Best Materials to Use for Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, one of the main things that you have to consider is the kitchen cabinets. Aside from choosing the design that will go well with your theme, you also have to select the best materials to use for our kitchen cabinets. To help you, here are the options you have:

Solid Wood

The most common material to use for kitchen cabinets is wood. It is a renewable source and is non-toxic. You can use hardwood, such as oak and maple. The great thing about wood materials is that they are pretty easy to stain. You can also choose to either varnish the material or paint it over with your choice of color. No matter what design aesthetic you want to follow – modern or traditional – wood materials can adapt well. The only downside to solid woods is that you have to choose high-quality timber boards. Poor quality can show warping and denting. There are also instances when the solid wood surface gets damaged due to a change in humidity levels.

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If you are concerned about damages in solid wood, you can opt to use laminates for your kitchen cabinet. Laminates contain layers of plastic resin, paper, and a heavy-duty plastic film. To use this material, you also have to install surfaces such as particle boards, medium-density boards (MDF), or plywood. When choosing a laminate for your kitchen cabinet, make sure to use high-pressure laminates (HPL), as they are moisture-resistant and more durable. They are often the material of choice for those who are looking for durability and affordability. Make sure that you install these laminates properly as poorly installed ones are prone to peeling.

Wood Veneers

Just like laminates, wood veneers are pasted over a substrate. These are often the choice for those who want to achieve a specific color and texture. Unlike laminates, wood veneers are more sustainable. They are also ideal for softening the look of a kitchen. If you choose this material for your kitchen cabinet, make sure that the location of your cabinet is not exposed to direct sunlight, as veneers often undergo discoloration. Take note that wood veneers are not scratch-resistant and also require regular polishing.


Metal kitchen cabinets are also an option for those who value durability. Note, however, that metal kitchen cabinets are on the pricey side. Commonly seen in commercial kitchens, metal cabinets can also be used in residential kitchens but are often paired with wood to soften the look somehow. One thing that you also have to consider when choosing metals is that you have limited color choice, plus you also have to repolish when the coating starts to rust.

Cabinet Craft has the best materials for your kitchen cabinets. Visit our showroom or call us for a free in-home estimate at 702-233-1888.