Cabinet Refacing in Las Vegas, NV

What Your Las Vegas Kitchen Says About You

Nothing says more about your home than your kitchen, whether it be your kitchen cabinets, your floor tile, etc.. When a visitor sees your kitchen, they already make an impression within the first minute and they already assume that state of your whole house. It shows when you’re a minimalist, cluttered, organized and even the items you have in your kitchen say something about you.

You would notice that some people are very proud of their kitchen and some people would rather hide it. Which one are you? Before you hire a Las Vegas cabinet installer, it’s best to know what you want first. Let’s find out.


Everything is in their right place and lots of surfaces to work on. A minimalist style of the kitchen looks clean. It shows that you value organization.  You don’t like clutter and you just need the basic functions in the kitchen. Also, you value appearance over having absolutely everything in your kitchen.


Plants can convey two messages. Either you’re not always at home or you are always in your kitchen, whipping up delicious, homemade meals.  Having live decorative plants around your kitchen can easily liven up your home but it also shows that instead of having homemade meals, pastries or fruits, you make up for not being in the kitchen with live decorative plants.

Having herbs, on the other hand, shows that you like having them near you when you cook. Rosemary for when you’re cooking lamb, basil for pasta and mint for Vietnamese spring rolls!

Fresh Fruits

You’re a busy bee. You just grab a fruit for breakfast on the go. It also shows that you care about convenience and starting your day right.  Fresh fruits also give color to your otherwise unused kitchen.


You might not be a professional chef but you love cooking. You like trying out new cuisines and making them for you and your family.  Your choice of cookbooks also shows your personality. Vegan cookbooks? It shows that you’re vegan. Asian cookbooks? It shows that you’re Asian or you are into the Asian culture.

Blender and Protein Powder

You’re a health and fitness buff! Seeing a blender and protein powder next to it shows that you value fitness and you usually make a smoothie for on the go breakfast.


Food? You prefer drinks. Having an extensive array of barware shows that you take entertaining people seriously.

You are the life of the party and when people would be asked to describe you, they would say “fun”. Your kitchen is made for parties and intimate one on ones for that romantic date night with your special someone.

Kitchen Counters & Kitchen Cabinets

The state of your kitchen counter or kitchen cabinets says a lot about your kitchen too. Is it scratched, cracked or pristine? Having nice kitchen counters shows that you care about the state of your kitchen and the maintenance of it. Kitchen counters also play a big part in making your kitchen look homey, comfortable, modern or elegant.