Top 5 Granite Colors

One of the popular options that you can have for your countertop is granite. This countertop material comes from igneous rocks that have at least 20% quartz in it. It also has mica and feldspar as part of its component. These countertops are generally mined in many different countries, but the biggest quarries are in the U.S., Brazil, China, and Italy. Some granite countertop colors are Tan Brown, Uba Tuba, New Venetian Gold, Santa Cecilia and Black Pearl. 

Many homeowners prefer to have granite countertops because it is exceptionally durable and has a second-hand value. 

Granite Countertop

One of the popular options for a countertop is granite.

If you are thinking of replacing your kitchen countertop with granite, here are some of the different granite color that you can choose from: 

Tan Brown

Perhaps the most common color that you can find in most home depots Tan Brown granite countertops. Homeowners with a modern home highly prefer its rich and dark colors as it blends beautifully with white kitchen cabinets

Uba Tuba

Uba Tuba granite color is darker and stronger than tan brown. You can notice that it has a black hue for its base, but if looked at from a different angle, it may show shades of purple, gray, and even gold. 

New Venetian Gold

If you prefer to have a lighter color for your granite countertop, this New Venetian Gold should be a top choice. It can give your kitchen that noble character with its flecks of gold. Plus, its neutral hue allows you to match it with either dark or light-colored kitchen cabinets perfectly, but this granite countertop color matches best with Espresso cabinets. 

Santa Cecilia

Another neutral granite color that you may use is Santa Cecilia. It is much lighter than the New Venetian Gold and has more brown hues. Since it looks timeless, it is a perfect choice to match kitchen cabinet color or type. 

Black Pearl

The Black Pearl granite countertop color is highly popular among the younger generation, who are much bolder in their choices of home decorations. Black Pearl granite countertops feature a deep black base with royal purple hues. What makes this granite countertop color distinct is its speckled variants that add sparkle. For an added contrast, they are best paired with ultra-white kitchen cabinets. 

There are several granite countertop colors to choose from. Granite countertops are versatile as they are available in many different colors. Make sure that you have a design plan in mind for your kitchen, so it would be easy for you to choose the granite countertop color that works best for you and your design scheme.