Kitchen Cabinet

Black Cabinets in a Small Kitchen

The rule is that little spaces ought to never be beautified utilizing dim hues since dim hues shrivel a space. While that’s true in some cases, we’ve found there are many ways in this rule when clients have a small kitchen cabinet and space, but are drawn to dark cabinetry or all black cabinets in their design ideas.

The following are concepts for tastefully using black or dark-stained cabinets in smaller kitchen spaces, without making them feel cramped or crowded.

  • Create Contrast with a Black Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are very convenient since they include additional room for nourishment prep and seating – two advantages in a little kitchen space. A black kitchen island, for instance, helps the island to fade into its surroundings, making the room look larger.

  • Implement Lighter Transitions

One design principle is that lighter, brighter features make small kitchens look larger. Using all-black cabinetry doesn’t mean you can’t implement that principle, you’ll just do it differently using light transitions. For instance, a pair of dark cabinetry with light countertops, preferably a pattern that incorporates the cabinet color. The brightening effect is continued by designing a light backsplash–glass tiles are great for adding a light color, along with literal light, because of their inherent shimmer and luminosity. Choosing a light divider paint is the completing touch.

  • Open Shelving

Open shelving breaks up the monotony and serves to open up the space even more than glass doors since the shelves aren’t enclosed within a cabinet box. At the point when joined with lighter-hued emphasizes, similar to divider hues and backsplash, the room won’t feel so little.

  • Use Glass Door Inserts

Glass cupboards enable the eye to see everything – which adds at least a foot of extra visual space in the top cabinets. That is a great deal of the area when you think about the complete length of the cupboards. If you’re not much into the idea of clear glass, frosted or etched versions which hide the contents a little better but still look lighter and brighter than cabinet doors.

There’s no need to sacrifice your design preferences even with limited space. Instead, work with a professional kitchen designer who will help you break design rules in style to achieve your ideal kitchen.