Top Trends for Kitchen Countertop Design

Countertops are essential for every kitchen as it receives the most action. More than serving its function for food preparation, countertops serve as the focal point of a kitchen. When you’re doing a renovation, the countertops must receive the most attention as it will set the tone and overall feel of the kitchen. The kitchen countertop you should use must be unique, durable, and low-maintenance. Keep in mind these kitchen countertop design trends to help you achieve your dream kitchen look. 

Quartz is In

Quartz still reigns in the countertop wars because of its durability. All quartz countertops come from natural quartz, but it can also have tiny flecks of metal or glass to achieve variety. One advantage of quartz countertops is its non-porous material. It has a texture that can withstand bacterial growth and stains. It also does not require sealing throughout its lifetime. 

One of the current trends in countertops now is a matte finish. An experienced craftsman can customize quartz in many colors, patterns, and finishes. 

Honed Finished Countertops 

The current movement in kitchen countertop design is towards the application of more textures and tactile surfaces. While polished countertops are the norm, honed countertops are taking center stage. In contrast with a glossy finish, the honed finish has little to no shine, similar to matte. This type of finish works best with marble since it can hide any imperfections or flaws with ease. 

Patterned Countertops

Homemakers who want to add depth and character to their kitchens are now turning into using patterned countertops. Thanks to technology, countertops can now have different veining and patterns that will give each countertop its unique design. Quartz, for one, can resemble slabs of marble and granite. 

Neutral Tones

One notable kitchen countertop design trend now is the use of neutral tones. Art Deco and mid-century styles along with bright hues are now losing their color amongst homemakers and designers. More and more people prefer more subdued tones. Well-designed kitchens now sport either a soft gray or beige tone or a mixture of the two. Aside from the countertops, ceilings and wallpaper/paint also follow this color pattern, with designs moving towards creating a naturally lit kitchen space. 

Neutral Tone Kitchen Countertop
Neutral Tone Kitchen Countertop

Backsplash Not Taking a Backseat

Aside from having a beautiful kitchen countertop design, most designers and homeowners now want to highlight backsplashes. One of the most notable design trends of 2019 is the basic subway tiles. However, homeowners are taking the design level higher by not shying away from using larger and patterned tiles. The colors depend on the personality and the goal they want to achieve for their kitchen. 

Those who want to achieve a classic look opt for neutral patterns with natural texture, while those who are bolder add a pop of color. Also, one of the significant changes in backsplashes is the use of large slabs to cover the wall. The materials vary widely – marble, quartz, copper, glass, wood, and the list just goes on. 

Countertops have always been the centerpiece of the kitchen. Styles vary year after year as homeowners take a cue from designers on how to create a space with a fantastic design while keeping their functionality. The bottom line is all these designs will amount to nothing if it cannot be installed properly.