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Kitchen Redesign: you can’t learn it all from YouTube

Why doing it yourself is not always the best way to improve your kitchen design. Let’s talk about why hiring a Las Vegas kitchen redesign pros are the best way to go.

In the age of the internet, everyone fancies themselves as an artisan, an artist or a craftsman. Media channels like YouTube have become so powerful that you’d think you can learn any skill you want to take up just by searching for it (or if you want to go into specifics, Googling for it.)

It’s basically a little less low-tech version of Neo’ skill downloading scenes in the sci-fi classic, The Matrix. But while YouTube has made life easier for all of us with hundreds of videos that can help unclog the toilet, install a doorknob of repair a cabinet, the decision to build something from scratch or remodel a part of the home can be a really tall order.

Reasons why it’s better to leave the kitchen redesign to the pros

Sure, some of us can learn the skill of carpentry, but not a lot of us can be master craftsmen. There’s a difference after all between a kid and his garage band and say, Sir Elton John.

It’s one thing to pick up a skill and another to master it through many years of experience. Some would say that the same is true with blogging and journalism (but please don’t stop reading this blog just yet).

You can tell a lot about just by looking at his house. Just look at Hugh Hefner and where he lives. Kidding aside, remodeling your home is serious business. There’s a reason why craftsmen are called craftsmen and not “guys who know how to hammer a nail.” It’s because they’ve put in the work, day in and day out. It was a vocation and an actual job before it was something they got online followers from.

It would take hundreds and thousands of painful hours for you to really replicate the skill with which they put together something. And I’m guessing you don’t have the luxury of doing so. Even if you did, wouldn’t it be more fun to just eat chips and watch Netflix on a Saturday afternoon?

The time you save and the convenience of not doing something yourself is PRICELESS (it’s in all caps because we cannot stress that enough).  Time is one thing, quality is another. Have you ever been to those costume parties where you see this one person with a terribly homemade, unrecognizable costume? (You thought he was Spiderman but he was actually trying to be Deadpool).

That could be your house. Are you really daring enough to experiment on your own home?  If your answer is yes, and if you actually pull it off, good for you!

Who to contact for kitchen redesign?

But if you couldn’t build Lego as a kid, maybe it’s best to as they say, leave it to the professionals. Now, these professionals don’t come cheap, because as I said, they put in the extra hours and sacrifice that you didn’t, or don’t ever want to do.

Pros like the people at CabinetCraft, a cabinet refacing and kitchen remodeling company out of Las Vegas have honed their craft for over 30 years (can you just imagine all those good TV show episodes they’ve missed? Poor guys). These are people who can make your dream cabinets and kitchen come true. How good? A million times better than if you did it yourself with the help of YouTube.

Head on over to and you’ll see testimonials from many of their satisfied customers, people who are enjoying well-made home furnishings that are the envy of their friends. (It’s true, because some of their friends became CabinetCraft customers themselves) What’s great is that these pros can work within your budget. But don’t take our word for it. If you want to find out more, you can email [email protected] for more details.

When they’re done remodeling your kitchen, maybe you’ll even boast about it on YouTube.