Kitchen Redesign

Makeovers are often made to renew something. It doesn’t happen always so when there’s a chance to do it, make the most out of it. Turn the makeover into something you will never forget. In a house, if a renovation is not possible, a room makeover is more feasible. A kitchen redesign is one of the options if you want a shift of blueprint.


One of the first things you have to consider is the layout. If you are happy with your current layout, then you can skip this part but if you see that there can be an improvement, then consult the experts on how you can maximize your area. Your Kitchen Redesign will yield a great outcome if there is a good communication among the contractor, supplier and you.

Try to have space in the area where you do your slicing and cooking. That zone shouldn’t have any obstruction where people can pass while you are busy cooking. Keep in mind that the refrigerator and sink should be accessible so it will need a lot of floor and counter space.


Storage is important in a kitchen. If your current cabinets are functioning just right for you, then you can have it refaced instead of replaced. This is easier and costs cheaper. There’s no need to take off the cabinets and put a new one. This kitchen redesign technique involves a quick and easy way of prepping cabinet surfaces.

Glassware and dishes are preferably stored in the cabinets near the sink. Pots and pans are sometimes put in a rack but if you want everything stored, you can put it in the cabinet as well near the stove. Cutleries are stored near the dish rack but have it placed where people won’t distract you while you are cooking. It should be stored in a place where someone can get it to set the table without interrupting your cooking or baking task.

An important storage in the kitchen is the pantry. Include that in the kitchen redesign should you want to revise the way of storing kitchen items.


Make sure you choose the countertop that fits your kitchen redesign. The countertop sets the tone of the kitchen. It mirrors your personality somehow. Don’t go for cheap material that breaks easily. Go for the material that is fairly priced or if your budget allows, go for the premium material. Choose functionality and durability.


If you are thinking of changing your flooring, choose something that is durable that can withstand spills and foot traffic. When liquid spills and you accidentally walk on it, you shouldn’t slip. When something hot falls on the floor, it shouldn’t cause damage. A scratch-free flooring would also be nice for your kitchen remodeling. Imagine if you have pets and the floor is not scratch resistant.


The appliances make the kitchen complete. It is great to choose one brand for all your appliances to show uniformity. New models can be expensive but what you need might be in the previous models so there’s no need to upgrade. Be practical in choosing the appliances you need for the kitchen redesign. You don’t need to have everything. Only buy what you need. Remember that less is more.