Repurposing Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawers

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen and want to make use of the old kitchen cabinet materials, there are creative ways of repurposing your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. You can also use your repurposing skills to showcase your ideas and make it saleable in the market.

Cabinet doors are excellent materials for aspiring crafters working on their projects. Some of these projects can also be a great gift idea or can be an interior design accent for your house. Here are some creative ideas of repurposing your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.

Simple Jar Flower Pot

The objective is to hang the flower pot on the wall with the cabinet door serving as its frame. For this simple project, all you need is a small cabinet door, an old jar with steel housing, paint, and some hardware. Paint the kitchen cabinet door with your desired color and attach the steel housing using an electric drill and wood screws on the door. Place the door on any walls you prefer in the house and then put on your favorite flower on the pot.

Cabinet Door for Signs

The project is almost the same as the simple jar flower pot. Just paint the kitchen cabinet door with the message you want to convey. It can be a bible scripture or warm greetings from your home.

Chalkboard Serving Tray

The chalkboard serving tray puts the cabinet door into good use. You will need two cabinet door handles, paint, a small chalkboard, adhesive, and hardware. Just install the chalkboard with adhesive on the cabinet door then attach the handles on both sides with a wood screw. It is so easy to make.

Drawers as Shelves

You can repurpose old kitchen cabinet drawers by converting them into shelves. Just position the drawers in an upright position. Attach a long board on top of the drawers that may serve as the tabletop. Finish everything up by painting your project with varnish or enamel.

Be Creative

You will be surprised by the different ways of repurposing your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Instead of throwing them away, you may find out that you can do a lot with these materials out of your creativity and knowledge. It is as simple as converting the elements of one furniture with cabinet doors or drawers. There are no rules with crafting your ideas. Just as long as you use proper tools for your materials, and you let your project function.