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All cabinets are made using premium medium-density hardwood. It has a smooth surface texture realized by a dense wood grain, creating a strong, heavy panel with a remarkable resistance to abrasion. In general, hardwood is known to have characteristics that are congruous with the demands of modern kitchen cabinetry- demands requiring cabinets to be equally as sustainable as they are elegant.


Our signature paint-grade cabinets are coated with multiple passes to ensure vibrant, lively color. Opposed to conventional lacquer coatings, we surface-coat using a two-component conversion varnish. This further improves the durability and richness of our cabinets against accidental spills, nicks, and other forms of wear and tear. Each conversion varnish coat is individually UV cured, ensuring the strongest possible cross-link adherence.


All paints are created using non-hazardous, water-based solutions. All of our raw wood materials are CARB-ARB Phase-2 compliant in accordance with the Air Resources Board’s CWP Regulation. This means that the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) within the homes of Central Cabinets Direct customers can remain clean and free of toxins.