What You Need to Know About Refacing Cabinets

Is refacing your kitchen cabinet enough to achieve your dream Vegas kitchen? Find out here.

There comes a time when you need to give your Vegas kitchen a well-deserved complete makeover. One crucial aspect of remodeling your kitchen is changing your cabinets. Remodeling of a kitchen usually involves the removal of existing cabinets and replacing them with new ones. Although there are instances that the existing cabinets are still in good shape yet you end up spending more money by replacing them. Instead, you can have your cabinets refaced so you can save money and time rather than going for a full remodeling.

Kitchen cabinet refacing involves the removal of your cabinet doors and drawers until the kitchen boxes are the only ones left. Refacing cabinets is a more effective way to have attractive cabinets, and it contributes to a dramatic change in your kitchen.

What to Remember When Refacing Cabinets in Vegas

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Intact Cabinet Carcass

Refacing cabinets only deals with the facade of your cabinetry, leaving the cabinet carcass intact. If the cabinet carcass has some dilapidations, covering it with veneers will not solve the problem. You need to tend also to that section of the problem as you are generally fixing your entire kitchen cabinets.

Bad Kitchen Layout and Design

Unfortunately, if you are not satisfied with the layout and design of your entire kitchen, refacing cabinets in your Vegas home won’t be the primary solution. You will need a custom kitchen remodeling, which will make you shell out additional cash.

Include the Countertops and Backsplashes

You can be successful in refacing your cabinets in Vegas, but sometimes it is not enough to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. Countertops and backsplashes may also need some facelifting because these are great contributors to your kitchen project.

DIY Job is not Practical

Most people who want refacing cabinets would consider doing it themselves to get away with spending on professional labor. Refacing cabinets is a more complicated work than it seems. It needs professional help with technical skills, a keen eye for precision, and proper use of tools and equipment. Otherwise, you will end up calling cabinet professionals to finish what you started.

When Does Refacing Cabinet Apply?

Some kitchens cabinets have cheaper grades of particleboard, which most likely to be worn out by moisture in a few years. With this kind of situation, it would be better to replace the cabinets instead. No assurance using adhesives for deteriorated particle boards will do the work. It can be a waste of money and time on warped cabinet carcasses unless it is feasible for damage repair.

You may also utilize any old solid wood cabinets that need little improvements. Most older solid wood cabinets are sturdy enough to withstand time and other damaging elements. It would be a great idea to integrate these types of materials for your cabinets to last another 20 years or more.

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