When To Replace Your Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are where most kitchen work is done. It can get word and dated over time, which can make it less enjoyable to work on. When this happens, consider Countertop Remodeling using new ones that are more trendy and reliable. You’ll find that having countertops replaced is actually affordable. Watch out for these signs that let you know it’s time to replace your old countertops:


Not all countertops are created equally. Its quality will vary based on the materials used. Laminate and wood countertops are more likely to erode and crack over time than granite and quartz countertops. You might think it’s easy to just ignore these damages, but keep in mind that both dirt and bacteria can accumulate here, which is very unsanitary and can contaminate your food. 

Stains & Burns

When countertops are not cleaned regularly, they lose luster and become worn or even permanently dirty. This can make your kitchen appear dingy and unpleasant, especially since countertops make up a huge part of the kitchen. When stains or burns on countertops start to become unsightly, it would be a good idea to just replace them with new ones. 


You do not have to live with outdated countertops that are out of style and are hard to clean. Feel free to buy all new countertops if you want to upgrade the look of your kitchen under a budget. You will be amazed at how it can make your kitchen look brand new. If your countertops are perfect but do not match your cabinets, consider Cabinet Refacing in Las Vegas to fix this problem. 

Increase Resale Value

When people look for a new home, they appreciate fresh items and prefer places that seem like nobody has lived in before. When you install new countertops, it increases the likelihood of having someone buy your house and add value to your home.

First Step

If you see any one of these signs in your kitchen, or simply just want to replace your countertops, the first thing you can do is to discuss it with professionals. Also, if you do find a bigger budget and want an complete Kitchen Remodeling in Las Vegas, give Cabinet Crafts a call today at (702) 233-1888 or visit our showroom at 7871 W. Charleston Blvd., #120 Las Vegas, NV 89117.