Trending Kitchen Cabinets Colors for 2022

Spring cleaning is just right around the corner. This is also the time when most homeowners start some house projects. And since we just recently entered a new era, new trends involving cabinet colors have now surfaced. Choosing one that best suits you, your taste, and your lifestyle can unify the aesthetics and structure of your kitchen altogether. It can also provide that pop of color that can liven up a rather dull kitchen that needs a little vibrancy and liveliness. After all, a livelier kitchen makes for a more engaging cooking experience and dining area. Also, a bright kitchen uplifts your mood, making you more efficient and productive in the room. Whether you’re doing some cooking or working with your children on their homework, a comfortable-looking kitchen can surprise you with its impact on your mood and attitude towards mundane tasks. You can benefit from these effects by changing your kitchen cabinet’s colors. Just leave the application to Las Vegas kitchen cabinet installers to ensure that you end up with cabinets that have flawless colors. That said, let’s go over some of the fresh trends involving kitchen cabinet colors this year:

Light Taupe

This color is a timeless neutral shade that designers use repeatedly. It is perfect for those who are not yet ready for bold color but want to go a little bit beyond the plainness of white. Surprisingly, taupe can add dimension and depth to your kitchen, elevating visual interest without going too far from being neutral. It can also sit perfectly as a canvas for brighter accents of color, such as forest green, mud red, or even something a little more playful like pink quartz. 

Navy Blue

This trendy color is popular among minimalists who enjoy darker hues right now. It may be a dark color, but it does not make a room seem or feel smaller than it actually is. Colors like this are making a huge splash in kitchens right now as they deliver high-impact results. Navy blue cabinets can help you pull off a bold look that remains classy and elegant, especially if paired with white uppers. They also go quite well with dark jewel tones and even gold accents. 

Cherry Pink

Pinks in the kitchen is a wild card, so you have to be careful with them. However, the oddity of having pink hues in the kitchen has made it a favorite among daring homeowners. Pale pinks like cherry blossom pink, a color that adds brightness to your kitchen without losing its neutral look. Try pink shades that look a little tan for a more muted look. Such colors can give your kitchen a different vibe, depending on the lighting and how much sunlight gets in. It can make your kitchen look vibrant if the pink hues are highlighted.