Incorporating Glass Into Your Kitchen Cabinets

You know it’s time to upgrade your Las Vegas kitchen cabinets when they’ve already begun to warp or have bubbling inside or outside. House projects can be stressful, but don’t hesitate to prioritize your kitchen cabinets if they begin peeling or the wood has blackened or changed colors. And while you’re at it, feel free to try out something new and fresh, like incorporating glass into its design. Going for this trend is a great way to display various impressive dishware collections, cookbooks, and Chinaware. If you have a monotonous kitchen theme, glass cabinets are one of those things that can brighten up the space. You will need custom cabinets if you want your glass cabinets to reflect your family’s style. Here are some styles you can use to draw inspiration from:

  1. Glass Door Muntins - A modern kitchen can sometimes look a little dull, especially if all it has are harsh edges and dramatic lighting. Give it some life without compromising style by incorporating custom cabinets with glass door muntins. This can bring an old-world charm into your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. 
  2. Leaded Glass Door - Manufacturers use glass or mirrors to create decorative designs with panels held together by copper, zinc, or lead cames, which are strips of metal that are placed so it forms a pattern. We recommend going for this option if you want some brilliance and sparkle in your kitchen. 
  3. Glass-Front Base Cabinets - Lower cabinetry is often overlooked since this is mostly where rarely-used appliances are stored. However, this should not be the case because they still affect your kitchen’s appearance. And you can style it just as beautiful as top ones with glass-front cabinets. Each panel of the base can come with a sheet of glass for that minimalist appearance that’s always elegant. This style can be perfect for those who do not live with children.
  4. Glass-Front Peninsula Cabinets - Installing these into your kitchen is ideal for adding dimension to the room’s theme. It can define the spaces in an open-floor design by creating a seamless partition between your kitchen and dining room. Cabinet pros tend to use this style for upper cabinets allowing you to display items with minimal risk of damage. 
  5. Sliding Glass Cabinets - This is another classic option that allows you to display your best china and wine glasses. It has a recessed track that lets you slide two sheets of glass back and forth, giving you easy access to your items and prized utensils.