Cost of Replacing Kitchen Countertops

Countertops often receive the highest workload in a kitchen. Poorly installed kitchen countertops usually do not last long and require replacement. Often, the costs burden homeowners to even consider replacing them at all. However, since it is a crucial component of the kitchen, homeowners have to choice but to have them replaced. Which brings us to the question, how much is the cost of replacing kitchen countertops?

In general, there are two major considerations when costing kitchen countertop replacements – the materials and labor. On average, a countertop installation will cost roughly $2,922. The cost may range from $1,800 to $4,500 depending on the material and the size. Usually, homeowners shell out $15 to $75 per square foot of the material and $10 to $35 for labor. Additional factors which may affect pricing includes: 

  • Removal of broken countertops
  • Preparation of cabinet
  • Shaping and sanding
  • Sealing and polishing

When choosing the material, you have to think about the level of use they are going to get daily. It is best to invest in a countertop material that can withstand nicks, scratches, and burns. 

How Much is the Average Price for Granite Countertops?

As mentioned, the cost of replacing kitchen countertops depends on the material you choose to use. If you prefer granite countertops, then you have to prepare to spend between $2,000 to $4,000 on labor and materials. Slab granites usually have a price range of $40 to $60 per square foot, while granite tiles can take you back for roughly $5 to $15. 

What is the Best Countertop for Your Money?

If you are working on a budget for replacing your kitchen countertops, then you should consider the best countertop materials that can give you the best value for your money. 

Quartz is pretty popular these days as they are incredibly durable and are easy to maintain. Since the material has minerals and resin, it can mimic the look of the stone, but more durable. You can also choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors. If you decide to go with quartz, it can cost you around $55 to $155 per square foot. 

Granite is also widely popular because of its unique veining and colors. Like quartz countertops, granite is pretty durable as well. It can withstand abrasions, scratches, and even tolerate high temperatures. 

Another luxurious option for countertop materials is marble. Of the three, marble requires maintenance. If maintained well, it can last you a lifetime, and you won’t need to replace your kitchen countertops, so they’re worth your investment. A bit pricey, a marble countertop can cost you around $75 to $250 per square foot. If you have kids at home, you might want to reconsider getting a marble countertop.

When you are replacing your kitchen countertops, it is best to go with the one that suits your lifestyle and budget. Also, always work with a professional with years of experience in replacing and installing your countertops. If you do, you already saved a lot in terms of cost.