Country Kitchen for Modern Times

Country kitchens are homely, cozy yet rustic and timeless, as well. There’s just something about country-inspired places that somehow take you back to your childhood. This nostalgia is the reason why homemakers want to create a country kitchen. If this old-school design can functionally blend with the demands of the modern world, what’s not to love?

How do you achieve this? Here are our tips: 

Choose Colors Well

When creating a country kitchen, homemakers often choose to stick to white as their focal color because it will make the room more spacious. It is not wrong, but it does not do much in terms of adding character and personality to the room. Don’t be afraid to infuse color, but make sure that you only use subdued colors. To keep up with modern times, use colors that would be popular for 2019. Pantone revealed Living Coral as the color of the year, so try to infuse this color into your scheme. Apply it colors onto cabinets and make them the highlight of your kitchen. Choose the right kitchen cabinets to achieve that country style kitchen. 

Add Interest with Patterns

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns, and don’t restrain yourself from including more designs other than plaid and tweed. Add florals, stripes, and woodland prints as these would look good against a rustic backdrop. While it is advisable to add patterns, don’t go overboard. Make sure that the overall look is cohesive. If you are not sure what patterns to include in the overall look of your country style kitchen, add patterned towels, gloves, or mugs, so you can easily replace them. 

It’s All in the Details

Creating a country style kitchen boils down to the details. If you don’t want your kitchen to appear too modern, add touches of antique details to give it a traditional feel. You could commission a professional to create a custom-made old school cabinet for you. 

Take out all that Formica and bring in distressed wood. You can use salvaged wood to create a unique kitchen table or island. Try to commission an artist to create a modern twig chandelier for you. 

You can also add handcrafted accessories. Hanging copper pots in a wrought iron rack or placing antique cookware on the wall will achieve the country-style look. 

Create a Lived-In Feel

The key to creating a country kitchen is to have a lived-in feel. This lived-in feel makes the kitchen homely, which is how a country kitchen should be. One way of achieving this is by putting items on display. If you are not comfortable with this, you can have a custom-made cabinet with glazed cabinet doors. This way, you still can showcase your collections and always keep them clean and organized. You can also put up hooks to hang the oven gloves, towels, and apron. 

A rustic country kitchen is undeniably charming, but it does not mean that you have to buy an old country home to have that dream kitchen of yours. Sometimes creating a country kitchen is all it takes to give that homely rustic feel to your home.