Nine Kitchen Gadgets For Any Cook

We spend a lot of time in kitchens - our own and those of our clients as well. We have gathered a list of nine kitchen gadgets that makes cooking that much easier and much more enjoyable. Some like gadget, some don’t but these are kitchen gadgets that we feel are a must have for any cook.

Slow cooker

Let’s be honest, they are perfect all year long but are on overtime during the Fall and Winter months. They are great for making soups and stews, simmering lean cuts of meat and so much more. Slow cookers are great for meals that you want to put together early in the day, turn on and forget about.

Kitchen Scissors

Oh the possibilities! Once you have these in your arsenal you will never remember how you managed without them. Cut herbs, dry fruit, any bread, they half the time it takes to roast a chicken (the trick is to split the chicken before roasting), toddler-size any food and so much more.

Salad spinner

Save the paper towels and lessen the mess. Rinse your salad and fixings and with a quick whirl in one of these will dry your greens, which will help dressing cling to the leaves and give you better flavor.

Easy chopper

While a food processor is a must for big jobs, it can be a pain to clean. An easy chopper can help you quickly chop uniform vegetables with ease. Don’t shed a tear with onions!


Have you ever wondered how to get those picture perfect veggies? If it’s those veggies that you envy, a mandolin is a must. Make your own veggie chips and slice perfect matchstick vegetables.

Garlic press

Fresh garlic I simply the best, but so messy and leaves your hands stinky! And, despite the many hand-cleaning remedies, the stink seems to always remain. A garlic press will save your hands and flavor only your food. The key is sturdy press that is also easy to clean.

Parchment paper

OK, not really a gadget, but use parchment paper under your baked goods and you’ll never have to clean stuck-on burnt messes anymore. It is also great if you need to separate anything before you freeze. There are so many great uses for parchment paper, be sure to always have some on hand.

Vegetable peeler

Beside the carrots and potatoes, a vegetable peeler is great for getting thin slices of cheese and those picture perfect curls of chocolate you see in magazines.

Counter top steamer

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to preparation methods for fresh vegetables, but the multiple pots and steamer inserts can be a turn off. Counter top steamers, offer an alternative to the traditional metal variety. Many provide multiple trays to separate vegetables as they cook. The set up is quick and easy and does not require much attention once started. You can also steam meats.