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What Is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: A Great Way To Revive Your Kitchen Looking to revive your kitchen? Kitchen cabinet refacing is a smart option to consider if you are happy with the layout of your kitchen. Cabinet refacing is just as it sounds, refacing, not replacing your cabinets. Cabinet refacing is more cost effective approach and takes…
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How To: Determine a Kitchen Remodeling Budget

How to Determine a Kitchen Remodeling Budget 1. Determine A Budget And Stick To It. Setting a budget for your kitchen remodel and sticking with it sounds obvious, but it often times harder than you think. The average cost of a standard kitchen remodel is somewhere around than $35,000. To help you figure out how…
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Nine Kitchen Gadgets For Any Cook

We spend a lot of time in kitchens - our own and those of our clients as well. We have gathered a list of nine kitchen gadgets that makes cooking that much easier and much more enjoyable. Some like gadget, some don’t but these are kitchen gadgets that we feel are a must have for any…
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