5 Tips to Design a Kitchen Island with Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most exciting areas in the house to design because most homeowners have their sets of requirements. A kitchen’s design must also function properly, and also its utilities. 

People would commonly invest in kitchenware and appliances in which they would need adequate space and storage. A simple cupboard and counter cabinets are sometimes not enough for storage. Kitchen islands can provide additional room and function for the whole kitchen. There are ways on how to design a kitchen island with cabinets, and if you are residing in Nevada, there are plenty of registered fabricators of kitchen cabinets in Vegas

How to Design a Kitchen Island with Cabinets

kitchen island with cabinets


1. Determine the Kitchen Island’s Function


You should know what activities you will be doing on your kitchen island. A kitchen island can be a preparation table, cooking activities, or a table for eating. The island can also serve as an entertainment area, or kids can use it to do their homework and projects.

If you would check some designs of kitchen cabinets in vegas, they incorporated appliances in kitchen islands. You will need extra space if you want your appliances for your island.


2. Know What Kitchen Appliances You Need


Your kitchen appliances play a significant factor in how to design a kitchen island with cabinets. You will have to consider the dimensions of each appliance to determine the appropriate size of the island and its cabinets. If you want your sink on the island, you will need a dishwasher that would fit properly. While a preparation table would need trash bins preferably below the island counter.

Some people would like a small refrigerator incorporated in their kitchen island so that children will be able to access it without any help from an adult.


3. Identify Storage Capacity Do You Need


During the design phase, you must determine how much storage space you will need. Some kitchen cabinets in Vegas have customized sizes to blend in different sizes of kitchen appliances. Kitchenware may also vary in sizes and quantities, that’s why knowing how to design a kitchen island with cabinets is a big help to organize all your things.


4. Set Your Kitchen Island Height


All designers follow the standard height and sizes of a structure’s components. Following the standards is a big help on how to design a kitchen island with cabinets. Although these dimensions are ideal for a dweller, some may need to customize depending on their requirements and needs. If you need chairs on your island, you must also consider its height and distance from the other chairs and the counter itself.


5. Fitting the Kitchen Island


Kitchens are the busiest area in a house because of the activities that homeowners do every day, such as preparation and cooking of food, eating, and entertainment. Kitchen islands may take up space in your kitchen if it has the wrong size and dimensions. It would be wise if you can consult a professional who knows how to design a kitchen island with cabinets.

Kitchen islands are one of the practical solutions, adding kitchen cabinets is an ideal way. It also adds value to your house, and at the same time, allows you to do more activities in the kitchen.

Learn how Cabinet Craft Vegas can address your kitchen island with cabinet needs. Contact us now and we’d be glad to help.