A Simple Guide to Cabinet Doors

A Simple Guide to Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors set most of your kitchen's aesthetics. The options are limitless but can be overwhelming even for experienced homeowners. Besides color, you will also need to choose the layout, style, and material for your cabinet doors. This process seems like a fun activity, but it can also be tiring and time-consuming. Plus, it requires emotional investment because this will set your kitchen’s tone for a long time.

Deciding can be hard. However, you can always adapt your area's identity when deciding what aesthetics to go for. This will make the deciding process faster and simpler. For example, Las Vegas receives recognition for its glamour and elegance. Thus, Las Vegas cabinet doors are usually brilliant insets with glass inserts. Meanwhile, Japan is known for its clean lines and symmetry. So, their cabinet doors are usually slabs or beaded with paneling accents.

Understanding the aesthetics that you want to go for is important. Additionally, this information can help you cut down the normally long list of options to choose from. Here's a quick guide to help you.

Inset VS Overlay

Inset cabinets feature flushed cabinet faces along their frames. Typically, the drawers and cabinet doors are set flat with the rest of the cabinet's body. So, inset cabinets require door knobs and handles. Also, the hinges can be exposed or concealed, depending on the owner's preferences.

Meanwhile, overlay doors completely cover the outer frames of the cabinet. It provides a flat front, just like inset cabinets do. Interestingly, it allows for bigger storage compared to the latter.

Cabinet Door Styles

  • Slab - a solid door (any material) with no gaps, frame, or panels. This is the perfect design for contemporary and modern designs.
  • Recessed Panel - sleek and clean, very traditional. This goes well with house designs that combine class with modernity.
  • Raised Panel - classic and stylish. This can achieve a homey vibe with a touch of country.
  • Shaker - simple and clean. This is similar to recessed panels, only it provides a softer, more casual look.
  • Beaded - allows for paneling design. This one is ideal for a country look that transitions to modernity.
  • Glass Insert - commonly used as a decorative accent. This one makes beautiful displays without compromising coziness.