What Your Countertop Says About You

Like most things in a household, countertops can also say a lot about its owner, especially Las Vegas countertops. Houses here are normally big and spacious. However, the homeowners are daring and have different tastes in interior design. They usually express their personality through the design of their homes, which is how you can slightly read a homeowner just by taking a look at their countertops. Let's go over a few types of countertops in Las Vegas and what it says about its owner.

Marbles exudes elegance. Ergo, houses with a marble countertop belong to those who are classy and graceful. The "marbling" pattern of marble countertops, albeit being a little chaotic, is actually muted. The way that the canvas behind this pattern remains unbothered represents the owner's ability to maintain grace under pressure.

A person who owns a lava countertop is detail oriented and unafraid of commitments. This type of countertop shows that the owner is resourceful who is able to combine style with functionality and benefits.

Concrete countertops are a unique choice. This one is usually present in a home of minimalists. A person who has concrete countertops is usually sleek and able to standout by being simple.

A homeowner who chooses to have granite countertops is practical and down-to-earth. You do not mind getting in on trends and mainstream, which means you are unapologetic. This one is always seen in houses owned by modern individuals.

Owners of wooden countertops are warm and welcoming. There's also a slight chance that you care about the environment and try to do your best to keep your home eco-friendly. If you have wooden countertops, you are also most likely big on natural light and sunsets. You care about making guests feel at home in your home.

This type of countertop provides a rustic look to any kitchen. If you have this at home, you probably avoid the popular choice or joining the bandwagon. You like being unique but not being under the spotlight.