Types of Kitchen Cabinets You Should NOT Paint Over

Types of Kitchen Cabinets You Should NOT Paint Over

Today, almost all houses possess kitchen cabinets that serve their owners well. And since the kitchen has the most foot traffic at home, kitchen cabinets tend to get dirty and age faster than the rest of the house. Thankfully, you can easily find DIY projects that can help you renew the look of your cabinets. One of the trending ways to do so is to repaint. There are some genius tips online regarding what color schemes you can use depending on your lifestyle and personality. These can be truly helpful if your cabinets are solid wood. However, since paint does not adhere to non-solid wood surfaces, we do not recommend repainting them. For surfaces like these, Las Vegas cabinet refacing is the better choice. Let's go over the types of cabinets you should not repaint. 

Open-Grained Wood Cabinets

Open-grain wood cabinets have surfaces that look rustic and textured. Sometimes, it can have holes and grooves, which should be filled out. For such cabinets, you might want to hire a professional service instead. 

Oak and Hard Maple Cabinets

These are also open-grain, and if painted over, they can end up looking like orange peels with tiny holes and pores. Additionally, cooking and humidity can ruin oak cabinets, and you don't want to simply just paint over it at this point. You ought to fix the problem to avoid further damage.

Non-Wood Cabinets

Stainless steel, laminate, vinyl, or engineering wood cabinets do not have the capacity to maintain the structure of paintwork. The same goes for any type of surface that is not solid wood. It can be painted over, but the paint is bound to crack, slide off, chip, and peel off over a short time. 

If your cabinets are not in the best condition and cannot function properly anymore, you might want to get one instead. New cabinets in Las Vegas are fairly affordable, and you can get one that suits your taste well without having to worry about your budget. This might be a better idea if your cabinets need more than repainting or refacing.