Easy Cabinet Refacing

Basically, cabinet refacing is done by replacing the cabinet's "skins." It involves removing the doors and drawer fronts as well as applying new veneer covers over the existing surface of the woodwork's body called the carcass. When refacing cabinets, the hardware of the cabinet is also replaced with new ones. 

The Process

It can be hard to look for firms in Las Vegas that specialize in cabinet refacing. However, an experienced DYIer can also reface a cabinet by doing all the sourcing and labor. It may also involve specially made-to-order cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Either way, the process of refacing kitchen cabinets in Las Vegas goes as follows: 

Cabinet doors are removed as well as drawers and their fronts (the main structure of the drawer boxes are left intact).

  • The front portions of the cabinet boxes are then covered with wood veneer or thermofoil. 
  • Next, the cabinets are skinned with wood veneer or laminate. 
  • After that, new door hinges are added, if needed. 
  • New doors and drawer fronts are then installed. 
  • At this point, new handles, drawer pulls, and other fixtures are installed. If existing hardware is in good shape, then it does not have to be replaced, depending on the owner's plans. 
  • Lastly, optional accessories like crown moldings, glass panels, lighting fixtures, and storage accessories are added and installed. 

Cabinet refacing in Las Vegas would most likely take about three days to finish, depending on the size of the kitchen. A project schedule would normally go like this:

  • Day 1: Remove hardware, drawer fronts, and cabinet doors. Begin veneering and clean the mess at the end of the day.
  • Day 2: Continue veneering.
  • Day 3: Finish veneering. Install new cabinet doors and drawer fronts including hardware. Finish with final adjustments. 

Las Vegas Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Recommendations

Cabinet refacing can be a wise option for a kitchen upgrade if the main structure of cabinets and drawers are well-constructed and in good shape. It is also recommended if you wish to give your kitchen a new look. Additionally, it is the best choice if the existing kitchen layout works well. However, if there are faulty hardware and structural problems, new kitchen cabinets are recommended instead of simply refacing them.