Pros and Cons: Sink in a Kitchen Island

Sinks complete the functionality of a kitchen. Manufacturers offer a lot of skin styles nowadays that fit different kitchen themes. The placement or location of a sink can actually affect a kitchen's ease of use. Ideally, you should put your sink in an area where it can effectively promote rotational movement for kitchenwork. Now, contractors have mastered the best way to maximize space and create the best kitchen layout for various individuals. However, they consider it a little different when it comes to upgraded kitchens.

Kitchen Islands and Sinks

If you want to add a kitchen island in your kitchen, you will need to decide the elements you want added to it. In Las Vegas kitchen remodeling, it is common to upgrade your kitchen to one that has an island. During the process of planning, a homeowner has the opportunity to add a few things that can make the island more functional. Contractors can squeeze in a few power sockets and storage features there to help the island serve you better. This turns the island into something more than extra counter space.

However, adding a sink to a kitchen island is a big decision. We say this because you cannot simply install a sink into the island and expect it to function properly. For a sink to serve you well, you will need some plumbing work done as well. So, that entails some plumbing on top of kitchen island installation. Sounds a lot of work, right? But if you decide to add a sink to your kitchen island, imagine how it can make your life so much easier. Also, it allows for a garbage disposal that, which really ups your kitchen game. Deciding on this can be hard, so let's go over the pros and cons of having a sink in your kitchen island to help you finally decide.


Adds Functionality - As mentioned, having a sink in the kitchen island creates the ideas working triangle, especially since the island can be used as a work station. If the fridge and the stove is really close to the island's sink, you can work smoothly and have better flow while you do your kitchen magic.

Aesthetics - An island with a sink that uses the rest of the kitchen's main wall as a background is super easy on the eyes. Also, the sink will help make your kitchen more symmetrical. When your kitchen is physically appealing, you will always find the enthusiasm to cook healthy meals (or a really yummy feast).

Provides better view - Not all kitchens have windows. If you are washing the dishes and you only have a plain wall to look at, you are bound to dread washing the dishes for the rest of your life. However, if you have a kitchen island with a sink that allows you to see the rest of the house, including the dining area.


Mess magnet - Since a sink in a kitchen island is more accessible than others, people tend to dump all their food-related messes.

Requires a big island - Not all kitchen islands can accommodate a sink. For this, you need a big and spacious kitchen and a big kitchen island. Just do the math of how much one costs.

With all these notes given, you can now think about if a kitchen island with a sink is for you.