Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

Kitchen upgrades used to mean new appliances alone. Today, thanks to kitchen innovations, homeowners can now upgrade kitchen features like lighting, faucets, and even cabinets. Let’s take a look back at some of the key features that altered the course of Las Vegas kitchen cabinets

Hidden Cutting Boards

Over the years, minimalist kitchens have remained among crowd favorites. As part of decluttering, fresh kitchen remodeling includes options for hidden cutting boards. This innovation was brought about by human behavior and kitchen workflow. It is a slide-out cutting board that can give owners an extra foot of countertop space, which can be ultra handy when cutting cheese, veggies, and other light ingredients. The best part is that it can easily slide away out of sight.

Hidden cutting boards actually take inspiration from the 1940s breadboards found in traditional country kitchens. These classic counter pull-outs were meant to create a specific space for kneading and preparing dough. Soon, designers reimagined these pull-outs as chopping boards and became an instant hit. If you’re thinking of installing a hidden cutting board to your kitchen, consider using a solid maple slab as your material. It’s durable and tough, and possess natural antimicrobial properties. 

Rolling Sliders

The invention of sliders made it possible for cabinets to accommodate heavier contents and accoutrement. Before sliders entered the picture, homeowners would have a hard time opening and closing their drawers if it’s heavy. This was before the 1960s, when kitchen cabinets strictly followed a wood-on-wood or metal-on-metal structure. Such cabinets used friction as a base for operation, which can be a real chore, especially in humid areas.

The addition of stainless steel and aluminum box systems further improved users’ ease of access to storage in the 90s. Custom steel configurations have also helped homeowners efficiently distribute the weight in their storage, which improves the structural integrity of cabinets and drawers.

Soft-close Hinges

Hinges are probably among the greatest technological advances in kitchen cabinets and drawers. It has come far from its humble beginnings that date back as far as 1600 BC. Historically speaking, ancient people used hinges to mobilize massive objects like stone walls and doors, which used to be gigantic back in the days. The Romans continued to use these hinges and learned to integrate them into their households. They even had Cardea, the Goddess of hinges. 

With the invention of soft-close hinges, users are now able to eliminate loud noise when operating cabinet doors and base cabinets. It follows the same principle as your standard hinge, except that soft-closing hinges prevent the slamming and damaging of solid wood doors. They also add a sort of panache to cabinetry, which is perfect if you're doing a kitchen remodeling in Las Vegas.