Smart Kitchen Island Features

Maximizing storage space makes your kitchen a dream to work with. It frees up counter space for prepping and cooking, as well as baking. Storage also eliminates and prevents clutter, as it provides a specific area for certain items and appliances. Las Vegas kitchen islands can provide extra storage as well as additional counter space for homeowners to work on. Typically, kitchen islands are already adequate. It can serve the average person well, but that’s usually not enough for Las Vegas kitchens. Let’s go over some general kitchen storage solutions that can be combined for customized islands. 

Storage & Eating Space

For this, one side of the island features a banquette that has a bench. Meanwhile, on the other side is an area for storage and some kitchen work. An island like this can serve as the focal point for any kitchen room and provide a breathtaking view. 

Kitchen Island Hutch

For a daring kitchen island upgrade, you can add a hutch that can stick up from the island’s rear. It can be a smart space for your spices and other small appliances that would usually end up lost in the back of large drawers and cabinets. Having such a storage in your island eliminates the need to bend over to pick-up things you often use from lower cabinets. 

Bin Concealer

A trash can or a recycling bin is an underrated but integral part of any kitchen. Only a few want to see them, so they’re often tucked away, hidden when not in use. For this, a smart move is to install tilt-out bins and pull-out shelves where trash cans can stay incognito. Keep the exterior polished and and choose a beautiful material for this to keep the area neat and flawless.