Making Your Kitchen Family-Friendly

Couples who own a house in Las Vegas tend to have a very functional kitchen. However, it is not always suitable for a family with a child. Having a kid on the way is one of the most exciting times that a loving household will encounter, and parents will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. The kitchen receives most of the foot traffic at home, so making it safe for your little ones is worth all the effort. You can also do some transformations that can make your kitchen survive the mess that kids are known for. 

Upgrade Countertops

Surfaces like countertops and cabinets make up most of the kitchen’s appeal and longevity. They also receive the most impact from family members and not just from kitchen work. Sometimes, children do their homework on tables and the grown-ups do their craft on the counters. When you have a kid, you can spill even more kinds of liquid or drinks over your countertops. 

For this, you can install kitchen laminates with built-in antibacterial properties. They make wiping easier and protect your fixtures from stains, especially if your current ones are made of wooden materials. Semi-gloss laminates are also good at hiding scratches and tears and require minimal maintenance. Other good options to consider for Las Vegas countertops are porcelain and quartz. They guard your kitchen against various stain-causing agents and can reduce wear and tear. Since they are non-porous and are resistant to stain and scratching, they can be a great addition to your family-friendly kitchen.

Change Flooring

The kitchen is usually a good place to host visitors, so trying to make it safe and resistant to tearing is quite sensible. A good choice for this purpose is vinyl. It is an attractive, durable, and relatively cheaper option for a family-friendly kitchen floor. It has characteristics that make it safe from water and stains, and as a bonus, it can also reduce noise from all the foot traffic that your kitchen will receive. 

Safety Features

Hot surfaces, small appliances, knives, and other sharp objects live in your kitchen. These safety hazards tend to attract children. To keep your kitchen family-friendly, you can install smart cabinets that can hide appliances and chemicals. Doing so can help you protect your young ones from potential accidents and hazards that the items present. Additionally, a stylish baby gate can block toddlers from entering the main cooking area, so you can keep them far from hot oil and water splashes while you do your work. Be mindful of your choice for locks to bar them from opening drawers and cabinets that store sharp items