What Do Your Cabinet Doors Say About You?

Houses say a lot about their owners. The details, the colors, the style, and even the mess can give you an idea of what kind of family resides in a house. The choices these owners made for their interior design let you take a peek at their personalities. Are they practical? Adventurous and bold? Intellectual? Or, are they romantic? You can figure these out by taking a look at the cabinet doors. Below, we list a few of the most common cabinet doors you will see in the area and what kind of owners usually choose them for their homes.

Recessed Panel 

More and more families are beginning to choose recessed panels over others these days. It features clean and strong lines that express deep intellectualism. Moreover, it provides a stylish look that signals a strong sense of faithfulness and loyalty, attributes that are conveyed through the arched version of recessed panels. If a house possesses this kind of cabinet door, you can expect a good deal of enjoyable conversation with the owners that revolve around exciting topics, especially in the kitchen. This style of cabinet door is often chosen by people with the following zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Gemini, Aquarius, Virgo, Leo, and Sagittarius. 

Inset Panels

This rather young member of the family of Las Vegas cabinet doors is proving to be worth all the hype around it. It takes inspiration from the wide world of fine cabinet making and has now entered the world of custom kitchen cabinetry. This cabinet style exhibits an understated elegance that is quite timeless. People who go for inset panels as their cabinet doors tend to be practical and very soft-spoken. They can simply let the style of their house do the speaking for them. Inset panels are highly appealing for those under the signs Capricorn, Pisces, Gemini, and Virgo.  

Raised Panel

Raised panels for cabinet doors have been a long-time favorite choice for kitchen designs, and it is rightfully so for a good reason. This cabinet door style represents homeowners who are highly into adventures and have a positive attitude. Upon walking into kitchens that are embellished with such cabinet doors, you will immediately know that you are in for a bold and interesting meal. Arieses, Leos, Tauruses, Scorpios, and Cancers frequently choose raised panel cabinet doors as it reflects their personality well. 

Ornate Panel

The Ornate door style for cabinet doors comes from a different era that puts a huge emphasis on craftsmanship and quality. Such cabinet doors suggest a lively and passionate lifestyle filled with art and creativity. Couples and families who have this style of a cabinet at home are most likely to be daring, living life to the fullest, and relishing every single strand of diversity that life presents. 

Contemporary Panel 

The unapologetic simplicity of contemporary panels speaks volumes about the people that choose them. These people are usually inventive and courageous, very much like contemporary concepts. They are not afraid to move forward from traditions and do not let themselves be held back by stereotypical expectations. You’ll often see this style of a cabinet door in homes where Arieses, Capricorns, Aquariuses, Pisces, and Cancers reside.