Types of Kitchen Islands for Your Next Remodeling Project

Types of Kitchen Islands for Your Next Remodeling Project

Kitchen islands are growing in popularity these days, as homeowners continue to search for innovative solutions that will increase the functionality of their kitchens, and kitchen islands provide them just that. Apart from being the main working area in your kitchen, it can also add up to the storage space. There are various kitchen island styles that you can choose from depending on your needs and budget. Here are some of them:

Rolling Kitchen Island

This movable kitchen island is ideal for home with limited space. It is a versatile counter because it can serve as a prep table and as a serving cart as well. It can also give additional storage as it can also have drawers installed in it, but if you want to keep it simple and easy to move around, you can have open shelving instead. 

Floating Kitchen Islands

Floating kitchen islands are an excellent choice if you want to add a little character to your kitchen. Since the islands seem to float in the air, it gives a kitchen a unique look while still giving you the functionality that you need to get things done in the kitchen. 

kitchen islands

Kitchen Islands are the main working area in your kitchen and it can also add up to the storage space.

Small Kitchen Islands

Small kitchen islands are highly similar to rolling kitchen islands, but they are not movable. However, since they are small and are not fixed on the floor, you can still move them into your kitchen as necessary. This type of kitchen island is ideal for those who have limited kitchen space and do not want to carry out an extensive remodeling. You can have a small kitchen island customized for you, depending on your needs. For example, if you’re going to use it as a pastry table, you can use a marble countertop for it. 

Cabinet Kitchen Island

If you prefer to have your kitchen island with a limited budget, then you might find the cabinet kitchen island idea working for you. Ideally, you only need to buy at least two or four base cabinets and top it with a countertop with your material of choice. You also have to make sure that your base cabinet can withstand the weight of your slab. 

Full Kitchen Island

The most commonly used kitchen island is the full one. This permanent island often occupies the center area of the kitchen and comes with its quartz or granite countertop. Since it is permanent, it can also serve as the eating and cooking area where you can install wiring and water lines. 

The bottom area of a full kitchen island can have its cabinets, drawers, and shelving.

While some of these kitchen islands can be done via DIY, a few of them would require help from a reputable and professional company like Cabinet Craft Vegas.