A Basic Guide to Kitchen Layouts

The secret to kitchen renovation is planning. There is always more than meets the eye when you renovate your space. Surely, cabinets and counters play an essential role in dictating the look of your kitchen. However, it would be best if you also considered other factors before anything else. With so many variables involved, professional kitchen remodels in Las Vegas are probably one of the most critical projects you will ever make. 

Whether for building an entirely new kitchen or remodeling one, creating a layout for your kitchen allows you to ensure that your space fits your and your family's lifestyle. Doing one can take some time, but it will be worth your while. If you can't decide what kind of changes you want, give these kitchen layout ideas a shot and let them inspire you to get the ball rolling. 

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can do more than just provide you with additional counter space. It also gives you a natural focal point and even pulls your entire kitchen. It can serve both as a workspace for meal preparations and a social space simultaneously. You just need to add some stools to create that luxurious yet casual bar-style eating area. It can also provide a place to sit where you can enjoy your wine with your friends and have some conversation. Either way, adding a kitchen island can seem superficial, but it can give you the opportunity to create memories. 

Galley Kitchen

Technically, people use the term "galley" when pertaining to the kitchen within a ship or an aircraft, which is usually a long and slender space. A galley kitchen is supposed to mimic the standard design that actual galleys have. It features two rows of cabinets with a walkway in between. A layout like this allows you to make the most of any space, which makes it perfect for you if you only have a small room. Galley kitchens also provide plenty of storage room thanks to the extra cabinets. This is a good layout if you need a kitchen that can also serve as a transitional area that connects two rooms. 


An excellent option for those who have larger spaces is a u-shaped layout. Its core components are three adjacent walls, so it may be difficult to achieve if you have a small space. When done right, this layout can allow perfect flow in your kitchen and easy access to all your essentials. It keeps the stove, fridges, and sink close at hand, making it an efficient layout for working on meals, snacks, and drinks. A structured and orderly layout like this can work well for you if you cook most of your food and spend a lot of time in your kitchen. 


As the name suggests, an L-shaped kitchen has two walls that are perpendicular to each other, making the shape of a capital L. Its open space in the center makes it quite an adaptable layout, making it a good choice for both small and large spaces. It offers a lot of flexibility in terms of arranging workspaces and appliances. With that in mind, you can be sure that a layout like this lets you work efficiently and provides fast access to all your needs. This layout offers a great solution for dividing your areas if you have an open floor plan.