What You Need to Know About Floating Shelves

Putting your items and supplies in your kitchen can make you feel at home within your space. It also affects how fluid your cooking can go. A simple upgrade to your storage can improve the functionality and design of your kitchen. Young homeowners are now moving onto floating shelves due to their low cost and ability to work well with modern and traditional kitchen designs. But the best thing about floating shelves is that they can look great with multiple cabinet styles. In addition, they can serve as a transition point between two designs, further elevating the look of your kitchen. Here are some things you need to think about before joining the bandwagon:

Floating Shelves Require Preparation

Floating shelves work best if you tweak their environment. You may even have actually to change your cabinetry a little. Also, to add a bit of depth to your kitchen, you need to consider lying low with strong color schemes. Finally, since shelves create an interesting view or optical illusion, you want to avoid drawing the eyes to too many places at once. If you need help understanding the particulars of depth perception and settings features, do not hesitate to invest in help from Las Vegas kitchen professionals

Mind Your Budget

Splurging on certain aspects of your project will always be worth the investment. At the same time, you'd still want some budget left for central features for your kitchen. When you consider adding floating shelves into your kitchen design, they usually become the main feature. Partner it with well-built cabinets, and you've got yourself an impressive kitchen look. Sometimes, your existing cabinets can already complement floating shelves. If it only needs a bit of repainting, you can do it yourself or have someone good with a brush do it for you. Remember, asking for the right help can make your project successful.

Bracket Shelving VS True Floating Shelves

You must first understand your options if you're truly set on installing a couple of floating shelves onto your kitchen walls. Essentially, brackets are not actually open shelving, but they can work in the same way. Some shelves can slide over brackets in the wall, stimulating a floating effect. If the wall behind this bracket is tiled, you can achieve the look of true floating shelves without having to spend as much. 

Meanwhile, if you're willing to go all the way and have the budget, you can invest your financial resources in sturdy materials. After all, open shelves are only as strong as their weakest link. 

Finalize Your Shelf's Look

After installation, your open shelves would need some finishing touches that blend them into your kitchen's overall design. The project might require you to remove some hardware and certain doors, so you might want to ask a professional's opinion before doing anything irreversible. If you end up having to remove or replace anything, remember to label everything first for future reference. In this step, you might want to keep a wood putty at hand to fill out any scrapes and beings you find.