Why an Appliance Garage in Your Kitchen is Worth It

As the name suggests, an appliance garage is an ample space where you can tuck away small or bulky appliances. These include kitchen staples like toasters, microwave ovens, coffeemakers, food processors, etc. Because, let’s face it, no matter how aesthetically pleasing your appliances are, a kitchen with a clean and unbothered appearance is always nicer to look at. The size of your appliance garage depends mainly on your needs and the available space. You can install a full-sized appliance garage then extends from floor to ceiling or one that starts from your Las Vegas countertops and rises to your upper cabinet’s level. 

Installing an appliance garage into your kitchen helps pull your room and storage together. Tucking away smaller appliances behind cabinet doors makes your kitchen more organized and neat. Remember, you don’t always need these appliances, so leaving them out in the open all the time is not necessary. 

Get More Work Space

There is a common approach to cooking if you do it more often. First, you need to have a space dedicated to preparation, i.e. a space where your chopping board can fit. Next is to reserve a space for actual cooking. This space goes beyond your oven or stove since you’ll probably need a place where your utensils and ingredients can sit as you cook. Lastly, you should have a space where you can put dirty and used items for cleaning later. This is an ideal approach, but it can be hard to achieve if you have many appliances on your countertop. 

With that being said, you can see that having a counter space free of appliances can make your kitchen work flow smoothly. In addition, having a specific storage where you can keep smaller appliances makes your kitchen look more organized and gives you more space to work on. 

A Place For Everything 

Most of us put effort into hiding away certain appliances to make our kitchen somewhat neat. However, we end up with a messy box that makes retrieving items a bit challenging. You may also find yourself ducking down on your knees to take that crockpot out from your lower cabinet. And sometimes, you’ll probably have to bring a ladder to grab that out-of-reach mixer in your upper cabinet that you barely use. Because of these inconveniences, we understand that some people settle for having their smaller appliances on the counter. Although it may be unsightly, letting your appliances sit on the kitchen counter means you wouldn’t have to struggle to take them out if you need to use them.

This issue of accessibility can be solved by having an appliance garage. Having one means you no longer have to reach to the back of a cabinet just to take out your grill or juicer. With an appliance garage, all your items have a place to sit without being an obstruction. So adding one to your kitchen makes sense if you look at it from a functionality and design standpoint.

No Wasted Space

Custom kitchens typically involve a lot of planning and finding creative solutions to ensure the best use of existing space. For example, your kitchen’s bare bones may have some pipe or beam that you’d prefer unseen. And an excellent way to hide this is to build something around it to camouflage it away from sight. Instead of leaving it out in unused and wasted space, you can build an appliance garage to cover it.